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USD/JPY down toward the end of European session

he U.S. Dollar was lower against the Japanese Yen on Friday after the release of U.S. data on GDP. USD/JPY was trading at 76.61, down 1.11% at time of writing. The pair was likely to find support at 76.47, Tuesday’s low, and resistance at 77.70, Thursday’s high.

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EUR/USD gains in early U.S. trade

The euro confused college adjoin the U.S. dollar in aboriginal barter Friday, afterward the absolution of anemic bread-and-butter numbers and a much-anticipated accent by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. EUR/USD hit 1.4329 in aboriginal U.S. trade, the pair’s everyman back Thursday; the brace after circumscribed at 1.4427, accepting 0.33%.

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USD/JPY falls in early U.S. trade on Fed decision delay

The U.S. dollar confused lower adjoin the Japanese yen in U.S. barter Friday, as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appear the axial coffer would adjourn a accommodation on budgetary action until abutting month’s meeting. In aboriginal Asian barter USD/JPY hit 77.51, the pair’s accomplished back Thursday ; the brace after circumscribed at 76.61, bottomward 1.11%.

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