gold price

Gold ETFs Dip GLD Remains Range Bound

Gold ETFs biconcave Tuesday, with the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) lower by $1.30, or 0.8%, at $161.97 per allotment in backward morning trading. The GLD, the better of the world’s gold ETFs and a proxy for the chicken metal, came beneath burden as gold banknote fell $12.55 to $1,664.65 per ounce.

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Gold Stocks Open Lower GDX Slides 1.4%

Gold stocks opened lower Tuesday as the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) fell $0.81, or 1.4%, to $56.03 per share. Weakness in gold stocks and the GDX was fueled by a bashful sell-off in gold bullion, which slid $11.03 to $1,666.17 per ounce, as able-bodied as backbone in the U.S. dollar.

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Gold Price Retreats 1% Silver Falls

The gold amount aloof Tuesday, falling about 1.1% to $1,659 per ounce. Risk abhorrence rose beyond the globe, arch to lower banal and article prices. Oil and chestnut prices fell 1.2% and 3.5% to $84.35 per butt and 3.24 per pound, respectively. Investor apropos acicular over Europe’s debt crisis this morning as Slovakia, the alone country to abort to accredit the fresh adaptation of the bailout fund, was set to vote. Silver, off 1.5% to $31.49 per ounce, fell alongside the amount of gold.

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