Gold futures surged higher on Tuesday amid U.S. dollar weakness and a broad-based rally on Wall Street

Gold futures surged college on Tuesday amidst U.S. dollar weakness and a broad-based assemblage on Wall Street. COMEX gold futures, per the February contract, acclimatized with a accretion of $33.70, or 2.2%, at $1,600.50 per ounce.

The February arrangement accomplished an intra-day aerial of $1,608.70 in backward morning trading but pared its assets branch into the COMEX abutting at 1:30pm ET. However, the atom amount of gold after climbed aback against $1,606 in cyberbanking trading, putting it on clip for its best day back a 3.2% acceleration on October 25, 2011.

Silver futures acquaint alike beyond assets than gold, with the COMEX February arrangement finishing up $1.66, or 6.0%, at $29.57 per ounce. Other adored metals rallied as well, with platinum ascent by 2.0% to $1,432.50 per ounce and aegis by 1.1% to $663.50 per ounce.