The gold price stabilized Thursday morning near $1,770 per ounce

The gold bulk counterbalanced Thursday morning abreast $1,770 per ounce afterward ample weakness yesterday. The atom bulk of gold fell to $1,753.00 in brief trading, but rebounded as the U.S. dollar angry lower adjoin a bassinet of the world’s arch currencies. Euro area debt apropos remained at the beginning of banking account this morning, although disinterestedness markets beyond Europe bounced aback from several canicule of losses. U.S. disinterestedness markets looked to accessible college as well, with S&P futures up 1.3% at 1,241.75.

On Wednesday the gold bulk succumbed to boundless defalcation in banking markets, as it alone $22.28, or 1.2%, to $1,776.92 per ounce. The bulk of gold was one of abounding asset classes to move acutely lower as absolute debt apropos beyond Europe connected to escalate. Strength in the U.S. dollar additionally helped to burden the gold price, as the U.S. Dollar Index avant-garde 1.6%. The euro bill fell to 1.3540 adjoin the dollar – its everyman akin back aboriginal October.

Gold shares confused alongside the gold price, with the AMEX Gold Bugs Index (HUI) biconcave 3.1% to 586.12. Two of the affliction assuming apparatus of the HUI on Wednesday were Harmony Gold (HMY) and Kinross Gold (KGC), which anniversary aloof 3.9%. The broader U.S. disinterestedness markets acquaint brusque losses as well, with the S&P 500 Index aerobatics 3.7% to 1,229.10. Risk abhorrence surged college in the process, apparent by a 31.6% ascend in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) to 36.16.

In contempo canicule the eye of the absolute debt storm has confused from Greece to Italy, as the Italian ten-year band crop surged aloft the analytical 7% level. Eric Chaney – Paris-based arch economist at insurer AXA SA and a above official in the French Finance Ministry – declared in a Bloomberg account that “The bazaar is testing the charge of the euro zone’s stewards. Italy is the absolute crisis battleground.”

The agitation was after affronted by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who told policymakers that Italy should seek banking abetment from the European Banking Stability Facility (EFSF). However, the actual funds accessible beneath the EFSF anemic in allegory to the bulk of abetment Italy is acceptable to require, according to Bloomberg. As a result, belief has risen that the European Central Bank (ECB) may be affected to apparatus a money press affairs to avoid off the contagion.

Dr. Martin Murenbeeld, arch economist at Dundee Wealth Economics, discussed the implications of the debt crisis for the bulk of gold in a contempo agenda to clients. “For gold, the end bold should be clear,” he wrote. “Sooner or after the ECB will accept to ‘print’ added clamminess – shop for added government paper. I accept that the ECB should book eventually rather than later, afore the crisis in Greece leads to an abrupt, unscheduled, rogue abandonment of Greece from the Eurozone, with massive defaults to follow.